09/01/16: Important Notice Regarding Terra International Cuisine Restaurant
Please be advised that beginning Friday, September 30, 2016, Terra International Cuisine Restaurant will NO LONGER be under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashruth Of The Capital District.
10/26/17: Albany Eruv Update
Please be advised that the
Albany Eruv will be DOWN this week (Shabbat - Parashat Lech-Lecha; 10/27-10/28) due to upgrade/repair work on the eruv throughout this weekend before the winter begins. Please make appropriate arrangements prior to the beginning of Shabbat. We expect the eruv to be operational by next Shabbat.


11/03/17: Albany Eruv Update
The Albany Eruv is UP and operational again - we thank you for your patience and understanding during the
upgrade/repair work.

      Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District

08/15/16: SUNY Kosher Kitchen
Starting Fall 2016, the SUNY Kosher Kitchen, previously located at Dutch Quad, has relocated to Indian Quad. Hours are S: 9am-8pm, M-R: 7am-8pm, F: 7am-3pm. Meat (Glatt Kosher).
12/15/16: Important Notice Regarding New Mt. Pleasant Bakery, Schenectady
Please be advised that beginning Sunday, January 1, 2017, New Mt. Pleasant Bakery in Schenectady will  NO LONGER be under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashruth Of The Capital District.
05/11/17: Albany Eruv Update
Due to recent construction around AMC and major traffic light/utility pole upgrades by the city, the Albany Community Eruv has been rerouted. These changes DO NOT affect areas close to any of our shuls. Please check out the updated Eruv map on the Vaad Projects - Eruv page.


05/12/17: Kashruth Update
Please be advised Mastroianni Bread and Rolls bear an unauthorized Vaad HaKashruth Of Capital District - Pas Yisroel symbol on the packaging. They are currently NOT under Vaad supervision. Corrective actions have been taken.