UPDATED 12/04/20

‚Äč03/14/18: Comprehensive Pesach Guide 5778/2018
The Vaad is pleased to present an updated Pesach Guide for the year 5778/2018. Please click
here to download. Please feel free to contact the Vaad Office with any questions. 

09/01/16: Important Notice Regarding Terra International Cuisine Restaurant
Please be advised that beginning Friday, September 30, 2016, Terra International Cuisine Restaurant will NO LONGER be under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashruth Of The Capital District.


07/16/18: Information regarding the OV (Vaad Hoeir Of St. Louis) symbol
The Vaad of St. Louis has been certifying kosher products for over 80 years. With the current trend of Vegan certified foods flooding the market, manufacturers have been using the trademarked     (OV) symbol to connote Vegan status on many products NOT kosher supervised. If you encounter any products with a questionable OV symbol contact  ykowalsky@ovkosher.org or text message to 314-690-1674 with a picture of the item.

12/15/16: Important Notice Regarding New Mt. Pleasant Bakery, Schenectady
Please be advised that beginning Sunday, January 1, 2017, New Mt. Pleasant Bakery in Schenectady will  NO LONGER be under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashruth Of The Capital District.
11/03/17: Albany Eruv Update
The Albany Eruv is UP and operational again - we thank you for your patience and understanding during the
upgrade/repair work.
10/19/18: Colonie Price Chopper Kosher Store Website
The Kosher Store at Colonie Price Chopper (1892 Central Ave.) is pleased to present its newly designed website (https://www.pricechopper.com/kosher-store) to make it more accessible to customers! Please check it out and feel free to spread the word! Under VHCD supervision.

10/26/17: Albany Eruv Update
Please be advised that the
Albany Eruv will be DOWN this week (Shabbat - Parashat Lech-Lecha; 10/27-10/28) due to upgrade/repair work on the eruv throughout this weekend before the winter begins. Please make appropriate arrangements prior to the beginning of Shabbat. We expect the eruv to be operational by next Shabbat.


08/15/16: SUNY Kosher Kitchen
Starting Fall 2016, the SUNY Kosher Kitchen, previously located at Dutch Quad, has relocated to Indian Quad. Hours are S: 9am-8pm, M-R: 7am-8pm, F: 7am-3pm. Meat (Glatt Kosher).
11/19/18: Article about Commercial Kashrut in the Boston Globe
The kosher-industrial complex - When there's a need, a free market will answer it
By Jeff Jacoby

05/28/18: Early Shabbat During the Summer Months 
Please note that during the summer, Friday evening services begin earlier than regular Candle lighting time.
Congregation Beth Abraham Jacob ("Beth Abe") begins at 7:00 pm and Congregation Shomray Torah ("Shteeble") begins at 7:30 pm.

      Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District

05/12/17: Kashruth Update
Please be advised Mastroianni Bread and Rolls bear an unauthorized Vaad HaKashruth Of Capital District - Pas Yisroel symbol on the packaging. They are currently NOT under Vaad supervision. Corrective actions have been taken.
05/11/17: Albany Eruv Update
Due to recent construction around AMC and major traffic light/utility pole upgrades by the city, the Albany Community Eruv has been rerouted. These changes DO NOT affect areas close to any of our shuls. Please check out the updated Eruv map on the Vaad Projects - Eruv page.
03/27/20: Passover 5780/2020: Given the unique circumstances of this Pesach, please review guides from the cRC, OU, AKO, and the London Beit Din regarding specific Passover items. Please feel free to contact the Vaad or your local Orthodox Rabbi with any specific questions. Please click for updated Vegetable Checking guide.
Please click here or (PDF) for the Vaad Mechirat Chametz (Sale of Chametz) form. Please submit by 10 pm on 4/7/20.