Article about Commercial Kashrut in the Boston Globe
The kosher-industrial complex - When there's a need, a free market will answer it 
By Jeff Jacoby

Rabbi Dr. Moshe E. Bomzer
Rav HaMachshir/Certifying Rabbi

Office manager
Mrs. Bev Shor

For over close to 100 years, since 1920, the Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District (VHCD) has provided meaningful kashruth for the region. Initially providing supervision for meat houses and bakeries (Rabbi Nachman Kornmel), VHCD has expanded to include the Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center, and a Full Service Kosher Store part of Price Chopper at Colonie (Store #224). Today’s Vaad is strengthened by its partnership with the giants of kosher supervision including the Orthodox Union (OU), the Star-K, Kof-K and KVH. 

The Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District has played a central role in sustaining the infrastructure of the traditional community of the Capital District and providing a bulwark against the tide of assimilation. In addition to its activities in the arena of kashruth, the Vaad is the home of the Albany Community Eruv supervision and the former home of the community’s Mikveh supervision. 

​In cooperation with Price Chopper, the Vaad has been able to provide kosher for its local populace, as well as travelers from Monsey to Montreal, from New York to Buffalo, from Monroe to Boston and everywhere in between. 

      Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District